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"The nucleus and success of an individual is a stable living environment" 

Our long-term comittment to making someone else's life better than our own is too create JENASES VILLAGE where those who have been forgotten by society, homeless, houseless, starting over again, or simply just trying to make it through the hardships of life have an opportunity to live in a beautiful village setting that they can call there home. 

As the Founder of JENASES I am keenly aware of what it is like being homeless, houseless, and just the sheer immense struggle every day it takes to overcome starting over again without the help or assistance of other's who are willing to make someone else's life better.

Once you have a stable living environment ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE it forms the center of '"life's wheel" that connects everything you do that allows you to grow and be successful.

For these reasons we are committed through our giving partnership with our family of companies and JENASES FOUNDATION to invest part of each company's profits for the creation of JENASES VILLAGE in places where they make a difference in the lives of others.


Modern Living Room
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